Video Alarm Monitoring

There are many different types of Home or Business Alarm Monitoring systems the most common is the Digital Communicator system that we can install into your home or business for only £9.99 per month* An alternative option is to have the Two Way Speaker Alarm Monitoring system installed into your Home or Business or most recently clients have started to have Video Alarm Monitoring systems installed so that they can visually see what is happening at there home or business but also if the Video Alarm Monitoring system is activated they can visually verify if the incident is  a live or false alarm activation.

So what does aVideo Alarm Monitoring system do that is different to a standard Digital Communicator Alarm Monitoring System?

Once your Home or Business Alarm has been activated theVideo Alarm Monitoring becomes activated, At this point we can then view the CCTV camera at your property and visually see if anyone is in trouble and seeking assistance, We can also record these images that can later be used by the Police Service in an criminal proceedings , As we can visually verify if someone has broken into or attempted to enter the property we can instantly alert the Police of a live crime which should see them attend urgently.

We offer ourVideo Alarm Monitoring system from only £34.99 per month available for both Home and Business Alarm Systems.

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